Painter Art LaMay's "Looking Back" Featured Art Poster

We are thrilled to announce that painter Art LaMay, who has been an exhibitor for almost ALL of the Festival’s 50 years, has produced a unique piece of art, entitled “Looking Back” to be sold as a limited edition poster at the 2021 Festival.


LaMay did a painting for the official Waterfowl Poster from 1987 until 2010 (see them all here). Once a Featured Artist was selected each year (sometimes not a painter) the Festival decided that the poster would feature that artist each year. We are indebted to him for his many years of support of the Festival!

Posters of his piece “Looking Back” for 2021 will be a signed and numbered limited edition! Only 300 will be sold and each one will be will signed and numbered.

Unframed posters will be $35 and a limited number of framed posters will be available for $135.

2021 Art LaMay Poster “Looking Back” Unframed $35 plus $10 shipping

Out of stock

Shipped from Easton after Nov. 15

1995 Art LaMay Poster “Can Delight” Unframed $25 plus $10 shipping

In stock

Shipped from Easton after Nov. 15