Waterfowl Chesapeake

Create, Restore and Conserve Habitat

For almost 50 years, the Waterfowl Festival, Inc. has staged an annual event that has raised $5.7 million for wildlife and habitat conservation, education and research. Founded in 2011, Waterfowl Chesapeake Inc. expands the waterfowl conservation work supported by the Waterfowl Festival. The mission of Waterfowl Chesapeake Inc. is to create, restore and conserve waterfowl habitat throughout the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and nearby coastal bays by engaging in collaborative, strategic initiatives with organizations, governments, corporations, foundations and individuals. Waterfowl Chesapeake is exclusively dedicated to raising support for and engaging in conservation efforts and is the primary beneficiary of the annual Waterfowl Festival.

Waterfowl Chesapeake

  • WC connects private, financial resources with environmental needs,
  • serves as a neutral convener for community discussions and solutions, and
  • engages and educates people and communities about the benefits and importance of healthy waterfowl habitats and populations.

And through our mission, we hope to create communities in which present and future generations cherish the beauty and abundant waterfowl thriving in their habitat throughout the Chesapeake and Coastal Bay regions.

Waterfowl Annual Fund

You support the Waterfowl Festival’s Conservation Mission and its partner organization, Waterfowl Chesapeake, when you make a contribution to the Waterfowl Annual Fund. While we may not be able to turn back time to when all waterfowl were legendary in abundance, we are committed to creating an environment to restore and conserve the presence of vibrant, stable and diverse populations, flourishing in clean and productive aquatic and wetland habitats. With your support, this is an achievable goal.

Who Benefits from the Waterfowl Festival?

Each year, Waterfowl Chesapeake operates several programs including a “Community in Conservation” Matching Fund which gives seed monies to organizations that support its mission on Delmarva. Each year, non-profits may apply through this process. Monies are also raised throughout Festival weekend to that we may fully help fund these valuable projects.

In addition, the William A. Perry Scholarship Fund was established as a resource for college funding for current and former volunteers of the Festival. William A . Perry, one of the Festival’s founders, and his wife Betty were instrumental in the formation of the “Duck Sitter” youth volunteer program. Donations made directly to the scholarship fund provide support for annual awards made to student volunteers attending college and other institutions of higher learning. Funding for the scholarships also comes from the Waterfowl Festival’s Auction at the annual Premiere Night party, now known as the William A. Perry Scholarship Auction.

Samuel H. Shriver, Jr. Sporting Heritage Fund, established by the Shriver family in memory of Mr. Shriver, this fund promotes the Waterfowl Festival’s sporting heritage and commitment to conservation.  Contributions to the fund provide continuing support for aspects of the Waterfowl Festival related to sporting, hunting and the waterfowling heritage of the Chesapeake Bay region. Gifts to this fund are 100% tax-deductible.