Commemorative Posters

Waterfowl Festival Posters

Each year, we produce a commemorative poster featuring the work of the year’s Featured Artist. Over the years, the annual poster has become a much sought after collector’s item. Our collectible annual posters from prior years are shown below.

This year’s limited edition poster by Art LaMay, “Looking Back” is available framed ($135) or unframed ($35).

Signed copies of the poster are also available for purchase at LaMay’s booth in the Avalon Theatre location, the Featured Art Pavilion and the Festival Shoppes at the Elk’s Lodge/Sporting Pavilion.


Shipped from Easton after Nov. 15

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Previous Year Posters

Please call the office at 410-820-4567 to inquire about purchasing. Not all are in stock.

2015 Poster

2019 Poster