Talbot County Master Gardener plant specialist leaders will be guiding Easton Utilities and Waterfowl Chesapeake volunteers on February 25, 2020 in a restoration and clean up project that will involve removal of the invasive plants already identified at the site – which is owned by Waterfowl Chesapeake and plays a major role in the outdoor activities of the organization’s Waterfowl Festival.
Master Gardeners have identified the invasive species which will be removed by cutting, pulling, pruning and digging and Easton Utilities equipment such as a bucket truck and front loader. Volunteers will be needed for trimming, cutting vines and pulling out invasive plants.
The site of the project is located along the north side of Bay Street in Easton, Maryland, between the 322 bypass and Washington Street, adjacent to and West of the Bay Street ponds.
Master Gardeners will guide the volunteers to preserve any native plants, as these will serve the important foundation when ultimately replanting the site.
Following the initial clean up, WC and Master Gardener leaders will work with volunteers over the next several years to keep the invasive plants at bay. Invasive species will continue to come back unless they are displaced by other vegetation. It is important these invasive plants be managed over a longer period so that ultimately, native plants can be planted to thrive. Once the area is cleared of the invasive plants, WC will replant it with native plants.
Volunteers are encouraged to come out to help! Wear your gardening clothes and bring gloves, loppers, clippers or small garden saws. Refreshments provided! RSVP at 410-822-4567 or info@waterfowlchesapeake.org so we know you’re coming.