Those who came together to create the first Waterfowl Festival in 1971 were lovers of everything the Eastern Shore had, and still has, to offer. They saw a heritage to celebrate and preserve; natural resources, waterfowl and wildlife worth conserving (before conservation was even a thing to do); and a community that cared enough to do something about it. Our name, “Waterfowl Festival,” is our history; a history of care and appreciation for our migratory ducks, geese and swans and our natural world; a history of dedication by the
people who live here.

With the hospitality that can only rise when given from the heart, every year our volunteers, partners and supporters create
our showcase. It is, and always has been, the best of the Shore and beyond — world-class art featuring wildlife and Chesapeake Bay culture, classic sporting heritage, unique historic collections of waterfowl decoys and artifacts, conservation activities and regional cuisine. All for the benefit of waterfowl-related conservation. We are so pleased you have joined us to celebrate our 50-year journey!

Special thanks to Tom Horton, Caroline Phillip of Riverine Creative, Megan Miller of M2 Group Strategies, Joe Walsh and the Walsh Family, Bruce Perry and the Perry Family, Sandy Cannon-Brown, the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, Ducks Unlimited and the Waterfowl Festival staff and board members who worked tirelessly on this production; Julie Susman, Margaret Enloe-North, Martha Horner, Leslie Milby, Eric Milhollan, Jerry Serie and Charles Wrightson.