Heather Orkis

Hometown: Townsend, Delaware

Heather L. Orkis is a local photographer from Townsend, Delaware, her passion is wildlife photography, mainly DUCKS. Heather is a self-taught photographer and always willing to teach others. When she is not out looking for and shooting the local birds and animals, she works a full-time job as a Flight Paramedic. Heather has been involved in public service for 20 years, starting her career as a firefighter and then putting herself through paramedic school while raising two kids and working three jobs. Heather’s husband and two adult children are all paramedics. Photography is a way for Heather to decompress, she uses the solitude of lying in a duck blind for hours as a way of relaxation and self-reflection. Recently, Heather was awarded her first International Photography Silver Medal in the 85th Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography 2018.

The Mid-Atlantic region of the United States is where she plays and shoot! Recent art shows have included:

CrowFest 2016, Kennedyville, Maryland
Art on the Greene, Old New Castle, Delaware
North American Duck Symposium, Annapolis, Maryland
Townsend Fire Company Annual Holiday Fair, Townsend, Delaware
Lo-Del Art Festival, Georgetown, Delaware
Cheswold Sportsman Show, Cheswold, Delaware