Charles E. Bear Jr.

Hometown: Jacksonsville, FL

Charles Bear specializes in wildlife and  nature photography  utilizing  a very unique  process  working with ceramic tile to create beautifully framed tile mosaics. The process brings an image alive with the incredible intensity of colors and hues giving life and depth to his photos and produces a very dramatic effect when exhibited in the gallery or home.

Highlighted in the site is Charles Bear’s “Artistry of Wings Collection”.  This unique collection is truly an artistic transformation of color photographic prints into ceramic tile mosaics and includes a wide variety of birds from the elusive Painted Bunting, to the magnificent Great Blue Heron, White Pelicans, song birds and waterfowl.

Also included is his “Natures Wild Side Collection” which includes wild animals from South Africa, Central and South America and curently features images from remote Alaska locations where Charles, way to close, captured wonderful images of Alaska’s amazing Brown Bears preparing for the winter by continuously fishing for salmon or digging for clams at low tide with their young spring cubs.