Long Tailed Duck Drake – Glenn A. McMurdo


Long Tailed Duck Drake, life-size decorative Smoothie wood sculpture approx. 18″ x 6″ x 6″ high. The tail is an insert and removable for shipping.

Price includes shipping, handling and insurance from artist’s location in Canada. Additional shipping and handling required for locations outside Continental U.S.

Item no longer available!

Artist Bio:

Canadian sculptor Glenn A. McMurdo, started carving in 1986. He has always been a keen observer of wildlife from boat or shore, especially waterfowl, McMurdo’s appreciation for nature and patient attention to detail clearly contribute to the remarkably life-like appearance of his meticulous sculptures.  McMurdo shares his mastery and mentors emerging artists by teaching woodcarving and painting for colleges, art schools, museums and informal groups. He is the author and illustrator of many,”How to Carve and Paint” books and articles published by Wildfowl Carving, i.e. Green-winged Teal pair, Wood Ducks, Bittern, Red-breasted Merganser hen, Widgeon, Ruddy Duck and the Bufflehead hen to name a few. He has also judged at many prestigious carving exhibitions.


Since his first attempts to become a self-taught carver in 1986, McMurdo has sculpted wildfowl for competitions that have won over 500 international and Canadian awards like Best in Class, Best in Show. 2015 he won a World Class title with a hen and drake Northern Shoveler that are featured here at the festival.  McMurdo became a Master Carver after winning two Best in Show awards at the Ward World Carving Championships in Ocean City Maryland, the first in 2010 with a Hooded Merganser hen and 2012 with a Harlequin drake.
In 2009 McMurdo was honoured to be recognized as the Masterpiece Carver in the prestigious Chesapeake Room at the Easton Waterfowl Festival in Maryland where his life-size carving of a Great Blue Heron was unveiled.