Be Fierce Tortoise – Lisa Scarbath #67


#67 Be Fierce Tortoise
3D mosaic with found objects on pvc substrate. 5″ x 3″ x 2.5″


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One Available

Artist Bio:

Lisa Scarbath is a Resident Artist at the Howard County Arts Council in Ellicott City, MD. She creates mosaic wall art, decor, furniture and custom portraits. Lisa's art is diverse; she thrives on being able to choose what materials to work with based on the finished project she envisions. Lisa alternates between cutting colorful stained glass for a realistic pet portraits or vintage wooden window scenes to digging in and getting her hands dirty cutting slate for an abstract, more organic project. Upcycling broken plates, bowls and cups of china or ceramic presents challenges of color, shape and density when transforming them into alternative compositions. She uses found objects such as watch parts, jewelry, toy pieces, charms and almost any other small bits to make mosaic bouquets or themed 3D creatures such as blue crabs, starfish, horseshoe crabs, turtles and hermit crabs. Lisa's art ranges from realistic to abstract, functional, meaningful and thought-provoking to just plain fun. Lisa's goal is to provide the viewer with something new to see each time they look at one of her finished pieces.

A member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists, the Dorchester Center for the Arts, the Carroll County Arts Council, and the Art League of Ocean City, Lisa is active in the arts community throughout central Maryland and the Eastern Shore. Learn more at