Board & Staff


The annual Waterfowl Festival is administered by a volunteer board of directors with support from Waterfowl Chesapeake’s staff and more than 60 volunteer committee chairpersons who oversee the 20 annual festival exhibits and events. The event and the Chairs are further assisted in their efforts by 1,500 community volunteers who make this community celebration possible.

Executive Committee
Kevin Greaney, President
Teddy Hoover, Vice President
Kenneth M. Miller, Vice President
Charles Wrightson, Treasurer
Cathy Fawell, Secretary

Board of Directors

Kevin Greaney
Teddy Hoover
Kenneth M. Miller
Cathy Fawell
Patricia Crane
Jesse Highling
Martha Horner
Eric Milhollan
Kim Newcomb
Dave Readmond
Dawn Ryan
Nick Shajwani
Carl Treat
Dave Tyler
Charles Wrightson



Waterfowl Chesapeake’s executive and administrative staff help to ensure a successful Festival each year since this event is critical to fulfilling our mission of supporting waterfowl habitat creation, restoration and conservation in the region. Please contact staff via email or call the office at 410-822-4567.

Margaret Enloe, Executive Director –

Thea Beckering, Executive Assistant, Office Manager –

Melodie Haufe, Finance Manager –

Leslie Milby, Festival Event Coordinator –

Heather Grant, Festival Marketing Manager –

To volunteer or get involved in the Festival, contact the Festival Event Coordinator, Leslie Milby. For marketing information or promotional partnerships, contact Marketing Manager Heather Grant at For corporate partnership information, contact Executive Director, Margaret Enloe.