Terry Woodall

Terry J. Woodall specializes in wood sculptures and bronzes of oceanic and woodland wildlife. Natural tree formations stir Terry’s imagination, resulting in leaping salmon, diving eagles and other wildlife subjects emerging from the wood. The Oregon Coast and its myrtlewood forests provide Terry with the elements of his life long career creating sculptural art based on wild nature.


The most pivotal experience in Woodall’s career came with an Artists for Conservation Foundation Fellowship Award, which set in place an artistic field study of the world’s only freshwater seals on Lake Baikal, Russia, and a solo art show at the Irkutsk Nature Museum in Irkutsk, Russia.


More recently, a driftwood sculpture of two herons, “Matters of the Heart”, was honored with the “Best in Show” award and a medal of excellence at the 8th Annual Artists for Conservation International Exhibit of Nature Art in Vancouver, British Columbia.


A bronze rendition of this sculpture was exhibited and sold at the tenth annual David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition in London, England, June, 2017. Another of the limited edition bronzes exhibited in Qingdoa, China, on an Artists for Conservation international tour.




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