Judith Stevens Weaver

Nature- water, trees, and animals, sometimes juxtaposed with manmade structures; are reoccurring subjects of my work. Watercolors bring a special glow to a painting. The fluidity of the paints and the development of shapes and colors are always intriguing to me. I have particularly enjoyed experimenting with painting on different surfaces. I vary paper textures, and also paint on canvas and boards specifically prepared to be used for watercolor. I find that each surface enhances slightly different characteristics of the pigments and thus brings out subtle variations in the nature and expression of the subject.


When out on the Chesapeake Bay and its Creeks, my sketch pad is always with me and these value studies are then transformed into watercolor paintings back in my studio. Out on the trails of Talbot County I enjoy painting “en Plein Air” I participate in many local shows throughout the Eastern Shore. My work is in several collections throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern U.S.


Working Artist Forum


Art at the Church

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