Don Rambadt

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

“I sculpt because I enjoy the challenge of manipulating space, I choose birds as my subject matter because they fascinate me to no end.”


Using birds as a point of departure for his welded sculptures, Don explores the relationship of positive and negative space and manipulates this interplay to give the impression of life and movement in his work. Although somewhat abstract, his artwork is firmly based on anatomical accuracy and fidelity to his subjects character. “I feel you should have an intimate understanding of your subject matter before you attempt to abstract it. This allows you to select which characteristics to emphasize, or de-emphasize, to portray your subject truthfully..without extraneous clutter “.




Don was born, raised, and currently lives in Milwaukee WI.
After earning his BFA from UW Milwaukee in 1995, he began sculpting part-time while partnering in the establishment of Vanguard Sculpture Services, a full service art foundry, where he specialized in the casting and fabrication of monumental bronze sculpture. In 2001 he left the foundry to focus his sculpture full time. Don also teaches an introduction to welded sculpture course at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, and has been a yearly exhibitor at the Waterfowl Festival since 1997. He was inducted into the Festival Hall of Fame in 2017.


Don has exhibited his sculptures across the United States and abroad, and has had his work included the international “Bird’s in Art” Exhibition at the Leigh Yawkey Woodsen Art Museum in Wausau, WI 19 times. He was honored with the Woodson’s “Master Artist” award in 2017. He has public placements in seven states, and his work can be found in numerous museum and private collections around the world. He is also an avid bird watcher, and holds a Master class falconry permit.




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