Volodymyr Piven

Hometown: Kyiv, Ukraine

The art of Volodymyr Piven is like the unity of something unknown, yet complete. It’s a momentum that becomes eternity. It is an effort to combine different techniques and styles, a continual search for new forms. He is highly recognizable among modern artists because of his thorough skills of paintbrush use and the exclusive vividness of his works. His paintings express the enjoyment of life. The most delightful moments of existence are reflected on the canvas, becoming precious parts of the physical world.
The artist makes us feel thankful for this life.


Volodymyr tries to embrace the universe, look into its tiniest corners. He strives to hand over all his feelings to people who care – friends and family, to an unknown stranger, so that everyone would find his own quiet place there.
His paintings radiate good taste and harmony on every patch of the canvas. He imagines and, just like every artist, dreams, of decorating his own life with this imaginary perfection. Persistent search, experiments, unceasing self-perfection make his creations manifold, diverse and unforgettable.
Look at his arts, rest from the city rush, allow yourself to relax. Feel the brightness of colors and the shimmering of lines. Recall moments of happiness.
 Observation of these works brings the understanding that everything is not bad at all if we were given this land with its trees and grass, this sky with its majesty. Beautiful things are so close. Just stretch your hand and all the moments of life are YOURS. Just wish and believe.




Art at the Pavilion

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