Laura Mark-Finberg

Laura Mark-Finberg’s paintings have been described as “windows unto the soul” of the animals she paints., During a career that has spanned more than thirty years Laura has explored a vast array of subjects in her quest to help the viewer understand a little more about the animals she paints. Laura is meticulous in her research and attention to detail and demonstrates a flawless search for truth in each painting.


Traveling extensively, her trips have included such divergent places as the Himalayas in both Afghanistan and Kashmir (pre-Russian invasion) to the undersea world off the coast of Venezuela. Laura believes, “it’s the research that keeps paintings fresh and alive. As artists of nature, we personally need to reach out and touch our subject matter. It gives a reality and legitimacy to the work that being sequestered in a studio does not.”


Laura is a signature member of the “Society of Animal Artists”. She was the “Featured Artist” at the National Wildlife Art Show in Kansas City in 1998, the Nature Works Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2008 and, most recently, was selected by the Pa Game Commission to be the Featured Artist during their 50th anniversary celebration of their Middle Creek Wildlife Wildlife Management Area.


In 2018 Laura received one of her greatest honors. To be recognized by your peers; she was selected by the late great artist Sir John Seery Lester to receive the Roger Tory Peterson Foundation Award for “Outstanding achievement in depicting the natural world” at the annual Susan K Black Foundation Artist Conference in DuBois, Wyoming.


Laura’s work has appeared on the cover of a number of national and regional magazines including the fondly remembered “Wildlife Art News “. Laura continues to be involved in conservation organizations.


As a tribute to her father’s influence, she continues to sign her original work using her maiden name, “MARK”.




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