Lori Dunn

Hometown: Norwoord, Ontario

Lori Dunn has become one of the world’s foremost scratchboard artists. After earning a degree in zoology, she spent 15 years as a zookeeper, promoting conservation of endangered species. These years of experience gave her an appreciation for nature and furthered her ability to depict animals in a realistic and highly detailed manner. Lori is now a full time wildlife artist and naturalist with a strong focus on preserving biodiversity.


The medium of scratchboard allows for incredible detail and quality of light in the black and white image. Using only the tip of an x-acto blade, every line is meticulously etched into a white clay layer coated with black ink.


Lori Dunn’s scratchboard artworks have garnered International recognition, winning awards in several exhibitions. She is a signature member of The Society of Animal Artists, and has a Master title from the International Society of Scratchboard Artists. Many of her works have been exhibited in museums and galleries across North America. She works from her home studio in Norwood, Ontario, Canada, where she happily spends her free time enjoying nature in all of its forms.




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