Jill Basham

Hometown: Trappe, MD

“I am overwhelmed by the beauty of nature, in particular the atmosphere of an environment. Atmosphere is revealed by how the light strikes objects, both natural and manmade. I particularly enjoy the mood of skies and expansive views. Inspiration can arrive anywhere, from a bustling street in Manhattan to an isolated marsh. It’s the “feeling” of the place that inspires me, and I hope to translate. When painting a scene, I don’t have specific rules for myself. I prefer to let a scene and my feelings for it, set my approach.


Palette knives, brushes, household items and hardware store finds have all been used in moving paint onto and around my canvases. I see each painting as an experiment that is unfolding. My initial goal can be interrupted by a new idea during the process, and I’m okay with taking a different path and veering from what might have been comfortable. Of course, there are risks with this, the fear of “failure”, and quite possibly a painting that needs to be wiped off…yet that’s okay with me. It’s the safe paintings that I find less exciting. The truly moving pieces are the ones that I pushed a bit. There are stories to tell. I strive to get my paintings to a point to which I “feel” the place I have painted, and hope others do as well. I find expression comes easiest for me with a paintbrush in hand, much easier than speaking. My hope is that others see and feel the stories I’m telling.”


Jill Basham’s work hangs worldwide including the US Embassy in Sri Lanka. Basham’s memberships include the Salmagundi Club NYC, AIS, OPA, LPAPA, MAPAPA. She paints plein air as well as studio and has won numerous national level awards.