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Art at the Church

Christ Church of Easton

Corner of South and Harrison Streets

Blue Bus Line
Orange Bus Line

Friday & Saturday, 10am – 5pm
Sunday, 11am – 4pm

We are excited to have the artists of the Working Artists Forum as part of the 2022 Waterfowl Festival!

Launched in 1979 by a small group of artists, the Working Artists Forum – with over 100 members – is today a thriving arts organization with many vital connections within our arts community. WAF members exhibit widely, win awards, teach classes and workshops, and actively participate in arts events throughout our region. Monthly member meetings promote camaraderie through discussion of upcoming exhibits and a lively demonstration by a well-known guest artist.


Their summer juried exhibit Local Color (presented in partnership with the Avalon Foundation’s Plein Air Easton) attracts hundreds of patrons and enjoys excellent sales. Working Artists Forum also presents numerous group shows throughout the year, both on the Eastern Shore and in venues across Maryland/DC. In an effort to support student artists and their teachers, Working Artists Forum donates monies directly to elementary school art teachers for much needed classroom art supplies. Additionally, WAF helps support the Avalon Foundation’s After-School Art Program. Click here to learn more about WAF.

2022 Working Artist Forum Artists

Jane T. Anderson
Naomi Clark-Turner
Carol Cowie
Polly Cox
Mary Ford
Rhonda Ford
Carol Frost
Kathleen Ryan Gardiner
Kathleen Janet Gibson
June Hock

Betty Huang
Carla Huber
Laura L. Kapolchok
Kathy Kopec
Marianne Kost
Patricia Lang
Judie Lizewski
Linda Luke
Mary Ellen Mabe
Carol McClees

Deborah McFarlin
Anne McLaughlin
Carol Lynn Meers
Amanda Milliner
Diane DuBois Mullaly
Kathleen H. Quinn
Christine Rapa
Anne Reder
Kathie Rogers
Maggii Sarfaty

Stacey Sass
Anne Singer
Scott Sullivan
Nancy Thomas
Georgette Towes
Barbara Harr Watson
Judith Stevens Weaver
Maureen Wheatley
Lori Yates
Barbara Zuehlke