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Art at the Armory

The Waterfowl Building (Armory)

40 S. Harrison Street

Blue Bus Line
Orange Bus Line

Friday & Saturday, 10am – 5pm
Sunday, 10am – 4pm

Painters, sculptors and carvers will be exhibiting in five downtown galleries: Art at the Armory, Art at the Avalon, Art at the Academy, Art at the Church and Art at the Pavilion. Exhibitors welcome the opportunity to share their artistic talent with guests – both experienced collectors and those simply touched by one of the artists’ images. There is nothing like the thrill of purchasing one’s first significant piece of art directly from the artist.

2022 Artists


Sue deLearie Adair

Al Barker

Linda Besse

Ray C. Brown, Jr.

Robert B. Dance

Ned Ewell

Carol Heiman-Greene

Rebekah Knight

Terry Miller

Mary Pritchard

Julia Purinton

Kelly Radding

Jim Rataczak

Steve Rogers

Joe Seme

Mary Veiga

Stewart White

Keith Whitelock


Jim Green

Scott Penegar – Penegar Studios LLC

Terry J. Woodall


Tom Ahern

Ivie Elliott

Rich Smoker

Ross Smoker

Herb Watson – Masterpiece Carver

Rick Watson – In Memoriam Masterpiece Carver