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Art at the Academy

The Academy Art Museum

106 South Street

Blue Bus Line
Orange Bus Line

Friday & Saturday, 10am – 5pm
Sunday, 10am – 4pm

Painters, sculptors and carvers will be exhibiting in five downtown galleries: Art at the Armory, Art at the Academy, Art at the Avalon, Art at the Church, and Art at the Pavilion. Exhibitors welcome the opportunity to share their artistic talent with guests – both experienced collectors and those simply touched by one of the artists’ images. There is nothing like the thrill of purchasing one’s first significant piece of art directly from the artist.

2022 Artists


Mark Dziewior – 7 Mile Creek Studio
Jen Wagner – Jen Wagner Mosaics


Lori Dunn
Wilhelm Goebel
David Kiehm
Peter Nevins
Steve Oliver
Debra Trent


William (Scott) Belote
Mike Bonner
Bill Casto
Jack Cox
Richard Finch
Zach Jester
Doug Mason
Ted Morlock
Jeff Rechin
Bennett Scott
Dick Snyder